Our mission is to build a safe, inclusive, and trustworthy community and financial system that gives everyone equal access to capital.

Our inspiration

Joola is a social financial platform that combines technology, global cultures and traditions, and financial empowerment for people who are looking to better their financial future. Our goal is to empower people of all socioeconomic backgrounds with the tools they need to achieve shared financial goals, no matter how challenging their circumstances might be.

Joola, pronounced [joo-la], comes from the word jula-jula, which means “gathering” in one of Indonesia’s regional dialects.

What we care about

We created Joola so that you have a community of support to share your journey with – just like we did.


Together, we can accomplish more, build trust, and empower one another to achieve financial goals.

Financial Wellness

Everyone deserves access to capital with equal opportunity regardless of socioeconomics status.


You can always see exactly how much you’ll be charged, and when.


Privacy is a central tenet of Joola and our platform. You have full control over what information is shared.

Data Security

Protecting your data is a top priority. Your SSN or banking details are never stored on our database and are always encrypted.

Connect with us

If you are a nonprofit and interested in a partnership at negotiated rates, send us an email at [email protected] or use the button below.

Start saving together

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