Here are some fun and creative ways to upcycle your household trash and turn it into something new.

Plastic bottle DIY’s: Make homemade ornaments with plastic containers or use them as gift boxes. Plastic also makes great planters, bird feeders, and even little toys and dollhouses for the kids.

Glass bottles: Design your own DIY lamp or candle holder with an old glass bottle. Glass is also great for doing various art projects or simply decorating it with paint and other embellishments to use as home décor.

Light bulbs: Make some fun holiday crafts with old light bulbs like sparkly Christmas decorations or ornaments. They’re also a great choice to make mini terrariums or containers for air plants.

Metal: Old forks and spoons, as well as cans, are perfect for making a variety of unique items like a custom key holder, beautiful jewelry, or a fun mirror. Old cans make excellent cookie cutters, too.

Clothing and bedding: Get creative and use an old pair of jeans to make a funky “jeans chair.” Old bedding can be torn or cut into smaller pieces and used for cleaning rags. Any type of fabric is also great for reupholstering furniture if you’re really feeling crafty.

Coffee grounds and tea bags: You can use coffee grounds as a fertilizer for your garden. Place dried coffee grounds or tea bags in the freezer as a deodorizer, too.

Old furniture: Don’t toss old furniture onto the curb. Refinish it with a fresh coat of paint, change the hardware, or add some distressed detailing to give it a second life.

Wine corks: Save your old wine corks and turn them into unique ornaments or glue them to a piece of cardboard to make your own corkboard for the kitchen or home office.

Tin cans: Remove the label from old tin cans and decorate them with contact or wrapping paper to turn them into pretty homemade vases or planters.

Paint buckets: Use an empty paint bucket as a charming ice bucket for entertaining. Clean the paint container thoroughly and cover the outside of the bucket with some scrap fabric or wrapping paper for a fun finishing touch.

Keep these smart and simple tips in mind to help you increase your recycling and upcycling efforts at home. When you recycle your trash, you’re not just helping the environment, you’re also helping the economy and your own budget too. Upcycling household items is a fun way to find new hobbies as you come up with endless new ways to make unique creations. Don’t forget to show your family how to follow these handy recycling tips in their workplace and school. With a little bit of creativity and some easy effort, you can begin to go green while reducing your environmental footprint.

This article was originally published on by Andrea Lozoya.