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Join savings groups with friends and family to consolidate debts and get cash rewards

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How it works

Group members make equal contributions into a shared pool and one member receives the full amount in each cycle. The process repeats over time – all members chip in, one member then takes it all. The group ends after everyone gets a full payout once.

How Joola works

A brief overview

Saving money in groups boost your success rate and triple the fun

Flexible options for your money

Experience mutual benefits from a combined system of peer-to-peer lending and savings

Peer-to-peer lending

Pay 5 to 8% one-time fee per payout for early access to cash. Gain access to funding without the social awkwardness.

Peer-to-peer savings

Earn up to +2% return on your savings. Grow your savings faster by waiting to receive late payouts. Your wallet and friends will appreciate you!  

Build rapport with friends

Improve mutual trust and relationship among friends and family with successful payments.

Simple and transparent payments

Enjoy planning your finances with ease when you join Joola. No origination fees. No surprises.

Boost your savings and karma at the same time

Patience can pay off quite literally. Earn 1-2% cash reward by receiving the last group payouts.

Designed for everyone

Whether you are looking for a better loan option or earn high-interest cash, you can easily find a group that fits your needs.

Simple and affordable rate

Boost your savings faster

Earn up to 2% cash rewards

How we compare

 JoolaPayday LoansPersonal LoansCredit Cards
Low credit scoreSome
No origination fees
Fixed low fees
Transparent payments
Mutual benefits
Cash bonusSome

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Get peer support for your finances

Work together as a group to reach your unique financial goals

Pay off debts

Car repairs

Large expenses




Home projects

Rainy day

Connect with other smart savers now

Saving money in groups can boost your success rate and triple the fun

Faster rewards with friends

Create your account

Download the app and verify your identity. Connect your bank account to easily make contributions and receive payouts.

Find or create a group

Choose the terms that fit your need. Invite friends to join your group and start saving together. Chat and organize all the details via the Joola app.

Pay and get paid

All payments are automated when you connect your bank account. Receive a payout when it’s your turn! Join another group when completed to continue saving money.


What fees are involved?

Simple! We charge a low percentage fee based on your payout position. The first member to receive a payout will be charged 8%, the next few turns are charged at 5%, whereas the last two members will receive 1% and 2% cash rewards respectively.

All the fees will be deducted per payout. You can view all the payment details, including the fees on your payment schedule screen.

How do I get the cash bonus?

Good things come to those who wait! When you are the last two members to receive a payout in your group, you will earn 1-2% cash reward. Grow your savings faster than regular savings accounts.

What do I need to get started?

You will need to have a valid social security number and a U.S. bank account. We may also ask a few questions to verify your identity and making sure everyone is who they say they are. This is an important step to protect our users.

The success of the group is dependent on everyone in the group succeeding.

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