What Type of Spender Are You?

September 13, 2021

The type of person you are shapes what you buy and how you choose to spend your money.

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What is a spender?

Spenders are people who spend money with the intention of acquiring possessions to enhance their lives.

There are many people who have a different approach to money. Some people hoard it, others spend it fast and some spend it on items that may seem frivolous to others. They do this because of a deep psychological need called the “Dionysian spur”.

The Dionysian spur is a term that refers to the immediate feeling of happiness that comes from spending money. This term was coined by economist Richard Easterlin, who observed that when people earn more money, they do not necessarily get happier. He observed that the only thing people spend money on in an attempt to make themselves happy is entertainment and leisure.

Which type of spender personality are you? Learn which spender personality you are and you can make the most out of your spending habits.

Personality-type 1: The Free Spender 

The personality type “spender” is the type of person who wants to live life to the fullest. This person doesn’t really care about money, but they do care about how much fun they are having. The more free-spirited they are, the more likely they will be to spend their money on spontaneous things like vacations or concerts. Spending money doesn’t make them feel good, but doing something that is worth it makes them feel alive and happy.

Spenders, in general, don’t really remember what they spend money on. They also like to spend more of their income than the “conservative spender.” Spending for fun is very important for these people – especially if it takes them outside of their comfort zone. The best way to motivate a spender is by helping them achieve something worthwhile.

Personality-type 2: The Frugal Spender 

This personality type is the most likely to spend hours researching the prices and features of a product or service before making a purchase decision. They want to make sure they are not wasting their money on something that’s not worth it. And they don’t want to be duped by clever marketing, so they’ll do their research before buying anything.

Frugal spenders are more inclined to use coupons and discounts, and will sometimes refuse a product if there is a cheaper alternative. They’re happy to buy store brands if it saves them money, instead of paying for the extra branding that comes with name-brand products.

Personality-type 3: The Thrifty Spender 

For a lot of people, money has been a difficult topic. It can be too easy to take risks with money and spend it on things that the person doesn’t need. This type of person may have to try to break their habits and change their mindset. This personality type has a great chance at living a life full of happiness if they know what they want and go after it.

Some tips for this personality type include small lifestyle changes, finding something that they have passion for, and taking the time to reflect on finances every single day.


The different types of spender personalities occur often in day-to-day life. It is important for everyone to know how to manage their money and spend it wisely. This will help minimize the risk of someone going into debt and not being able to pay off their bills. It’s important to spend money wisely and not buy things we don’t need or that we can’t afford.