How it works

Saving with friends for every occasion or travel is easy with Joola. Simply follow these five steps:

1. Set your goal

Choose what you’re saving for and set the target amount.

2. Invite your friends

Add your friends to your savings group so everyone can join in. It’s easy to send them an invite.

3. Automatic savings

Joola will handle the savings and reminders for you. No more chasing payments.

4. Track your progress

See how much everyone has saved in real-time. You can check the progress anytime and make sure everyone is on track.

5. Enjoy together

When you reach your goal, get ready for memorable hangouts!

Community driven, culturally inspired

Joola draws inspiration from cultures and traditions across the world that come together to accomplish shared financial goals. By combining those traditions with robust security measures enabled by technology, we are putting the power to collectively save into your hands.

Start saving together

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What our users are saying


I’m a huge fan of Joola. I think this is an incredible app. I’ve joined three groups with different friends and love how easy it is to use. We just redid our patio deck with the money I saved through the app.

– Jose A

Love the automatic payments

I used to organize juntas in WhatsApp groups and Venmo. It stressed me out to go around collecting for payments each month. With the automatic payments, I just have to send reminders now, which is much easier! ❤️❤️❤️

– Laura G

Skeptical at first

I was skeptical at first but this app is a game changer! I hate telling friends to pay me back because I felt awkward about it. Joining a group together makes it different. We can all be accountable. Everything is up front and clear so everyone knows what’s going on.

– David R

Pleasantly surprised

I am pleasantly surprised when I see that my small contributions have accumulated into something substantial over time. 😁

– Johnny D

An easy way to do tandas

Joola is a great way to save money with my family. Personally, I have been struggling to save money and having that accountability really makes a difference.

– Yara R

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Participant of Boeing Employees Credit Union's FinTech Incubator 2021